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      Thanapaisal R.O.P. originated from a modest shop called Thong Thye Chiang in Sampeng area, trading in imported clothes and garment accessories.  It was founded by Mr. Tang Heung Bukduring later period of the reign of King Rama V.  It has grown up and flourished.

Mr.Nipit Dhammongkol ,the founder’s son, later, registered the operation under the name of Thanapaisal R.O.P., in 1953 and started the textile dyeing business in 1959. In 1961, he moved the operation to Bangpoo Mai, Smutrprakarn and set up the textile dyeing factory.

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Initially, Thanapaisal R.O.P. engaged in commissioned dyeingof  textile yarn, knitted fabric for athlete garments as well as canvas for shoes industry.  Later production of shoes has grown into big industry.   Thanapaisal, then has expanded its operation accordingly by investing in new canvas dyeing machines to serve the needs of domestic as well as offshore shoes factories.

For over 50 years Thanapaisal has accumulated know-how and expertise in dyeing high quality and highly durable cotton canvas. Our customers include athlete shoes , furniture, bags and garments industries.

Thanapaisalproduces and trades in specialty fabrics.  We realized that developing textile fabric and textile material which is different and has a special characteristic suitable for producing each different merchandiseis getting more and more crucial.   Our business development department is set up to fulfill the needs for specialty fabrics.  We have designed the fabric, starting from designing filaments, yarns, weaving, dyeing and finishing techniques to create a specialty fabric with different characteristics to serve the needs of the specialty markets as well as creating value added to these specialty textile materials.

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Thanapaisal Strengths

•    Experience in canvas dyeing : 60 years
•    Experience for export quality : 30 years
•    Flexible dyeing quantity : 300 – 10,000 yds/Colour
•    Sample department : 10 – 100 yds/Colour
•    Clean technology : 22 years
•    Reprocess management : 22 years, 5-7%
•    In-house testing : Fastness to washing ,rubbing ,perspiration , water, etc.
•    Quality control: Audit Input ,Process and Output.
•    Service for shoes industry : All international and local brands.
•    Service for other industries : Home textile industry and Bag industry.


We are the leader of business in color, constantly innovating for new things with responsibility to environment and society.

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