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Improving textile fabrics for the SUPPORT Arts and Crafts Foundation

Improving textile fabrics for the SUPPORT Arts and Crafts Foundation

     Originating from Thanapaisal interest in constantly developing the technology, research and development of new products and new production process, we have seen the opportunity in developing the abundant amount of textile fabric from the SUPPORT Arts and Crafts Foundation under the royal patronage of H.E. The Queen, , in order to generate more commercial value. Wepresented this idea to the Thailand Textile Institute ( THTI ) and was granted fund for joint research and development of this project with the THTI.

     ใThe project started in 2013 by selecting the textile fabric from the Foundation for improvement process. We find out that most fabric is quite thick, too heavy for making apparels but too thin or weak for making tote bags. We tackle this problem by using Coating technique to thicken the fabric and to make the fabric moredurable by attaching two pieces of fabric together by Lamination technique. The processed fabric can have variety of usage and broader market.Beside resolving the above problem, the Thailand Textile Institute also requested that a new variety of fabrics be created to develop a new product as a highlight of the project as well.

     Cloths weaved by back-strap loom Cloths weaved by back-strap loom

     After the recruitment of the weavers, in the implementing step, we found that the width of the cloths produced was a little bit narrower than what we want. To produce bigger bags, the width of the cloths has to be wider. After discussion and reaching the understanding with the weavers, they agreed to adjusted the loom so that cloth with a width of 55 cm. can be weaved, instead of, 45 cm., as they did before. Besides, we also have studied the cloths construction and redesigned them to make them more durable and attractive. For instant, we redesigned the size of the yarns, colors matching, specified the colors for dyeing. Finally, we arranged a contest for the cloths with characteristics closest to our requirements. The rules of the contest are 1) The width of the cloth has to be 55 cm. 2) The length is over 2 meters, fine workmanship, no defects in weaving and brocading. By thisprocedure,we are able to control the quality and have the fabricswhich meet the specifications. The fabrics will then be processed by coating and lamination. The outcome from this project is the creation of 5 collections of fabrics, with 4 designs in each collection.

    What we achieved from implementing this project is a new style of fabrics weaved by back-strap loom, which is different and unprecedented. They are beautiful and colorful, ready for producing a very unique merchandises.Moreover this project bring about the native wisdom, the traditional way of cloths production, combining with modern knowledge and technology to make a difference to thelivelihood of local peopleas well as resolving the problem for the SUPPORT Foundation. Besides, we might be able to extend what we learn from this project in marketing new products.

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