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The Finishing objective is to improve the farbric quality having the special properties suitable for their usage.

Finishing in Thanapaisal


Softening: for the better touch, reduce the static, improve the sewability.

Softening Finishing can do in 2 ways.

1. Machanical Finishing by using Machanical Friction.

2. Chemical Finishing by using many types of softener such as Nonionic Softener, Cationic Softener, or Silicone Softener.

The group products required Solf Finishing:

- Clothing
- Towel
- Scaft
- Bedding such as Blanket, Bed sheet, Pillow cover, Bed cover.


Stiff Finishing: for making stiff fabric, stable, stand up, easy to cut and sew.

The group products required Stiff Finishing:

- Bag
- Hat
- Shoes
- Photo Frame
- Box
- Napkin
- Table cloth

Flame Retardant

Finishing: For making textile resist to burn, slower the fire burning and when no source of fire, the fire stop. For reducing the danger and impact from fire.

The group of products required Flame retardant finishing:

-Uniform for working in high risk places to get fire such as Fire fighting uniform ,Petrochemical uniform, Electrician uniform, Welding uniform, Iron work uniform

-Upholstery for Hotel, High rise building, Airplane, Car.


Water repellent

Water Repellent Finishing:

It protected the absorbtion of water, oil, tea, coffee, wine into textile. This is the way to protect the fabric from staining by various liquid.
The group of products required Water Repellent finishing:

- Bags
- Furniture fabric
- Hat
- Umbrella
- Table cloth
- Place mat

UV Protection

Anti UV Finishing :

It protected UV ray gone through the fabric so the skin didn't get any impact from UV ray.

The group of products required Anti UV Finishing:

- Furniture fabric
- Hat
- Outdoor Clothing

Aroma therapy

It makes textile aroma by micro capsule filled with perfume called "Microencapsulation".

We treat textile with micro capsule. When it breaks, we'll get the aroma such as Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon, Charmomile. It's very relax.

We are able to create the aroma fit for the customer's needs such as herbal aroma in Spa, coffee aroma in Coffee shop.

The group of products required Aroma Therapy finishing are:

- Interior fabric
- Uphostary
- Clothing
- Scarft
- Towel

Fungi Protection

Anti Fungal Finishing:

Aspergillus Niger or Black molds are easy to find in the high humid places on Uphostery, Curtain, Interior fabric.

It doesn't look nice and will destroy that fabric soon.

The Antifungal finish agent is very safe to human.

Tha group of products required Antifungal finishing are

- Uphostery
- Curtain
- Interior fabric

Which using in high humid places for example house and hotel located by the sea, river and high moutain.

Dust Mite Protection

Dust Mite Protection:

The Dust mite is a very tiny little insect living in many household products such as Carpet, Upholstery, Pillow, Mattress. The wax and oil from our body stained to this materials when we use them. The fungi growing well on this wax and oil , the dust mite eat the fungi and deliver waste. This very small waste couses allergy.

The Dust mite protection finishing is to stop fungi growing so the dust mite don't have food and die then dust mite and allergy problems are gone.

The group of products required Dust mite protection are

- Bedding products such as pillow, Mattress.
- Carpet.
- Sofa.

Anti Bacteria

Anti Bacteria Finishing: Clothing and textile for daily use are always stained by the sweat which is the good food for bacteria. When the bacteria growing rapidly, the bad odor occured and annoying. Sanitized is the chemical finishing to make the bacteria doesn't grow in clothing and bad odor doesn't occur. Sanitized is the extremly safe for human.

The group of products required Anti Bacteria finishing are :

- Sport wear.
- Socks, Shoes.
- Towel.
- Underwear. 

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