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Giving the consulting service in dyeing and finishing to the customers. Nowadays, the world is narrower with the technology that allows us connecting to the Information easily and quickly giving many "options" to use any products and services. To make the difference are so importance for people and manufacturer taking into their account in producing the products to market.

Thanapaisal realized that every customers wanted the special textile that suitable to their individual industry. We offers the consulting services to develop the new and higher level of textile materials serving the customer's needs. With the highly support of Thanapaisal's Dyeing& Finshing technology and the specialized research team.

The Consultation Service:

1.Consult for the Dyeing& Finishing problems to customers.

2.Consult for the New Product Development.

3. Consult for developing the Eco-Textile products.

4. Consult for the new textile test standards.

5.Consult for the Environment Management System. Welcome to contact us for having the consultation service with our specialist during office hours.

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